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Jesse James Lord

I have been working with Video Game programming for about 3 years now. I self-studied C++.net in 2005. I took C# video game programming courses in may of 2007. I took basic C programming and advanced C programming at my college in August of 2008. I joined the Torque community in August of 2007 and purchased the TGB and started making my first 2D game. After making all of the examples and creating 3 new games. I never released these games because I just did the programming part not the artist part. I then purchased Torque Game Engine Advanced in October of 2007 and started learning 3D programming. I had purchased and read "The Game Programmers's Guide to Torque" and "Multiplayer Gaming and Engine Coding for the Torque Game Engine". I was talking on mIRC and one of the community members told me if I wanted to better understand scripting to take a look at all the mods for the Tribes2 Engine. So I then sat down and worked on learning scripting for what felt like a year. I worked on some free projects like the Tribes RPG2 project. I looked at a ton of the modification projects and read them to better understand the some of the modifications to better understand scripting rules. Because of doing all of that I much better understand how I would want to implement something into the engine. I then turned around and started doing the engine modification add-on's on the www.garagegames.com website. I sat down and did some of the advanced ones and almost all of the add-on ones. After doing so many of them I figured out how to port them from version of the engine to a different version. For example, I would take something programmed in C++ for Torque Game Engine 1.5 and port it all the way to T3D 1.0.1.

I am currently working on a Bachelors in Video Game Programming from www.westwood.edu. I am interested in Virtual Reality Worlds and HIT(Human Interface Technologies). My goal ever since I was 13 years old was to create Virtual Reality Worlds for people to enjoy. I have researched technologies such as the VirtuSphere www.virtusphere.com. Various motion tracking devices and technologies. I have also self studied stereoscopic vision technologies. I know of some of the Virtual World touch technologies that are in development although I am not sure those are mature enough right now to use. So, most of my game projects are not going to be implemented yet because the technology to use them is not here yet.

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