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Costantino Pistagna

I was born in Catania on 13th March, 1977. I got my graduation in Computer Science at the University of Catania on July 2003. I carried out the completion of my final thesi dealing with subjects such as parallel and distributed networking paradigms.
After graduation I hold a Ph.D. from university of Catania about peer-to-peer networking and overlay networks. I worked as consultant for important telecommunication societies in Italy, like Fastweb and Telecom Italia.
Since April 2007, I am involved in the COMETA project, as a member of Application Identification and Support Team and Hardware and Software Technical Support Team. I took part, as trainer, in many induction and dissemination events in Italy.
My actual interests include networking and peer-2-peer system simulations and modeling, genetic algorithms and game theory as solving tools for networking problems. I am currently working as system administrator of the Grid-node of Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (University of Catania). I also offers support for the process of adapting scientific and industrial applications over the Grid infrastructure.
Actually My research interests include iPhone programming as innovative input device for system administration.

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