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Stephanie Prodanovich

I have cinematographic leanings as well in animation, audio
experimentation and videogames, with professional and personal projects going on at
the moment. I am an Audiovisual Communication from Claustro de Sor Juana University, a well-known institution for its foundations in art, philosophy, and literacy. This program gave me the opportunity to learn video and audio pre, pro and postproduction mixed with new technologies, communication theories and strong research bases. This academic journey can be summarized in my thesis for graduation: “Imágenes arquetípicas del horror en el videojuego Silent Hill” (“Archetypical horror images in Silent Hill videogame”).

I took a 3D animation course in 2009 given by Eunoia School Mexico, learning the basics of character modeling with Maya and qualified in 2010 for a degree in "Videogame design and production" given by the Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana and Incubadora de Talento, then worked generating scripts and design ideas for internal projects with the latter. I did a workshop in narrative and screenwriting for videogames the same year in the "Waka Waka festival for animation and videogames" and a talk about symbolic construction on horror videogames at the neurohumanities table at the annual Art, Culture and Communication university event in 2010 while working as a storyboard colorist at Sputnik Studios. I worked at Ediciones Era publishing house being designer, webmaster and community manager, I have my own brand named Cosmocow (handmade gamer,geek and cute laptop/cellphone sleeves and bags), I am Content Editor at Tweenbox (tweenbox.com) and The G Crew (www.awesomegcrew.com), and right now i'm at Slang Studio as a Videogame Junior Producer,looking foward for our upcoming projects and loving the present ones! I’ve worked on a Facebook game for one of the largest Mexican companies (waiting for release) and a web game for Coca-Cola at the moment, and several proposals.

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