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Jam Site Information

The Nerdery
9555 James Ave S
Suite 245
Bloomington, MN 55431

Building Name: 
The Nerdery
Jam Organizer Information
Contact Name: 
Zach Wendt
Contact Email: 
Jam Logistics
Entrance Fee: 
Site will remain open for entire 48 hours
4:30pm Fri to 5pm Sun
Who can participate: 
IGDATC members, and public if attending all 3 days
Age restrictions: 
Available tools or technology: 
Must provide own hardware/software. We will provide WLAN, SVN and internet.
No security available
Auditorium space: 
Have auditorium space available
Media Stream


We are confirmed open all 48 hours! Thanks once again to the Nerdery for being great and flexible hosts!

246 sites worldwide, GGJ expects 10,000 jammers and 2,000 games! Guiness will be tracking (really.) http://gamejaminabox.org/

Please register on this site by noon Fri 12/27. Please remove yourself if plans change.

Partial attendance can be OK if you work it out with your team. But, we really want people there Fri for intro, pitches, and team formation. Ideally by 5pm. Comment below if you will be late, and what time (aprox.) SVN will be on the internet, probably at Assembla. Skype should work great also. The Nerdery tubes are 100mb or 40mb symmetric depending on destination.


Please fill out your profile. Include name, picture, contact info (not published - IM or Other/Email, no phone #), and skills. Use the notes field for very brief bio and preferences (Examples: prefer 3D modeling in Maya/Mudbox, 2D art/animation in Flash, Experienced in Unity, Bringing a Mac - no right clicking, that last one was a joke.)

We will have multiple teams, projects and platforms. You're welcome to work on multiple teams. Teams can be as small as 2 or 3. Pitch meetings and team formation will happen the first night. Everything is fair game. From random convos, likely tech stacks are: Unity, HTML5, Flash, board games.

Software freebies:


The Unity Pro license is through 2/1, it did work on 3.5 RC1.
Some audio goodies are forthcoming.


4:30pm: setup
~5pm: receive assignment, watch 30min keynote video, Q&A, eat pizza - thanks Nerdery!
~6pm: introduction and pitches, team formation.

mid-day: Each team should register their game/project on this site.

3pm stop work and begin upload (must complete before 5pm.)
~3:30pm: We will demo games to each other, quick logistics brainstorm for our 2/8 IGDATC GGJ Play Party, and pack up.

Yep, it's that simple.

Joysticks/gamepads and other

Bring joysticks/gamepads if you have them. Many game types suck on keyboard. Recommendations: Xbox 360 wired, PS3 wired/bluetooth, Xbox 360 wireless (need wireless dongle.)


iOS devices will probably get used, see Brass Monkey in the software promos.
Other (Kinect, Move, webcam, dance pads, etc.) If you can pitch it, bring it. You only have to convince 1 or 2 other people. It will limit who can play, but it could also make your title stand out from the expected 2000 games!


We're based in the classromm, but can wander in the lunch area and Nerditorium (after the movie finishes 9pm Fri.)
We have chairs, desks, tables, beanbags, whiteboards, projetor, etc. A dedicated subnet and WAP to ensure we can test peer to peer net code.

Please bring a power strip if you have one. Also, ethernet cables if you need/want it. Speakers, any other weird misc things you can think of.


Full kitchen with microwaves, sinks, fridges available. Snacks, soda and coffee onsite. Bring cash in small bills if you want to do group food buys (eg bring in bagles in am.)



Signing off...

This was the last pic from our webcast. Pretty nice composition as the duct tape gave way.

See you all Wed 2/8 for the GGJ Play Party.


Coming back this evening

Be there around 5:30 or 6. Gonna jam until late late. Excited to see everybody's progress.



I'm not feeling so good, super bummed :/

I'm going to avoid coming in and infecting you all unless I feel markedly better later, but going to try to jam a bit from home. Is there an IRC channel or something y'all are chillin' in?


in the Caf

looks like we're chilling in the cafeteria before our jam room becomes available. See you all there!


Weather / arrival time

At least 2 desktops coming. Pop in first before unloading. We might have a different door, a cart, etc to help you out.

Anybody that hasn't packed yet. Please be sure to grab a power strip / extension cord.

Also, looks like we're getting some weather, which means some traffic. 5 is kickoff, video, pizza. Pitches / team formation starts around 6 or 6:30, that's the critical point to aim for.


Happy Jam

I'll be participating from Baltimore this year, but Happy Jam TC Friends!


I'm all up in this

I'll be there Friday. Probably won't be able to do all weekend though.


Cordless Keyboards

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I'll be there later because I work till 5PM but I'll get there as soon as I can.


Flash man here

I'll be there, hopefully for all 3 days. I'll be bringin Flash (AS3) programmin' skillz.


HTML5 Games

I'll be there at 5pm on Friday! I've got a lot of experience with JavaScript based games using the DOM or Canvas. 2D (1D? heh) games are more my speed. Maybe some minimal 3D stuff via three.js, but I haven't dove very deep into WebGL, and don't really know anything about OpenGL shaders. I can do awesomely bad pixel art! I might not be pulling any all nighters, but i'll be there as much as I can.


I'm there

I'll be there with teh arts and designs, and Unity experience. I will also have another Wacom Intuos4 if anybody needs to use it, along with a couple usb controllers.


I'll be there.

I'll probably be there around 5. I have art skillz and some programming skillz. I'm also willing to try and figure things out or pick up new skills if needed. Did we ever get word on the Sat night to Sun morning yet?



Huh, 1D is certainly an interesting twist.


2012 Diversifiers are up


...having trouble thinking of 1D game concepts.


Super Pumped!

I too may have a little trouble being there by 5 on Friday, and will have to be gone for awhile Saturday night for a previous commitment, but I'm excited the Nerdery was generous enough to host us! Now I just need to lock down a laptop for the weekend :)

Who else is interested in doing something in node.js? Ever since Zach talked about it and showed off the monkey cosmonauts ^^



Thanks for organizing this page Zach, I've made myself a short profile.


Flash Developer

I should be there Saturday and Sunday. I may be bringing 2 or 3 people with me as well. I don't know if they will be signing up on this page. Just wanted to post this in case the powers that be (Zach probably) would catch it. Thanks Zach for setting this up and to The Nerdery for hosting! :-)


Part timer...

I'm affraid there's really no way I'll be there the whole weekend. I'll definitely try and stay as long as I can on Friday night. (Although getting there right at 5pm is going to be tough.)

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