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Doctor Doctor Battle Royale

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Battle 3 other doctors for the right to diagnose your patient, he says his head hurts, but who's to know what's REALLY wrong with him?

Team Information
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Dominic Aquilina / na / dom1000caatyahoo [dot] ca / Artist, Concept designer, Coder
Elvis Miron / na / emironatalgomau [dot] ca / Artist
Spencer Congdon / na / scongdonatalgomau [dot] ca / Inspiration, Concept, Coder


dom1000caatyahoo [dot] ca

Game Submission
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Just run the Flash .swf

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The game is currently unfinished, you're meant to battle the 4 doctors through a rock paper scissors style battle system.

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Windows 98/2K/XP or DOS
Windows Vista

Sault Ste Marie

A note from the author

Hello esteemed visitors!

This is Dominic Aquilina of team Sault Ste Marie! I'd first off like to thank you for visiting my game! Second, I'd like to apologize that there isn't really a game here. Due to a few different events the game was unable to be completed. What lies here, instead, is the intro video to the game, briefly followed by some maps I made, and topped off with the closing video if you are victorious. I fully intend to make a functional version of this game in the future, so stay tuned for some doctor battling action! As a sort of added bonus, I'm soon going to upload the animations for all of the characters I created in a separate file so you can preview how the game will look. Please note that the sprites in the screen shot are not how the doctors look in-game. Also note that the animations were completed during the Game Jam weekend, I just refrained from including them at the time.


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