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Box 'n Choppa

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Box 'n Choppa is a cel-shaded 3d sidescroller about an ork(intentional misspell) named "Choppa", and a gnome referred to as Box. Choppa has been captured, and is being held by evil wizards. Box has snuck into the prison to free his friend, and he was clever enough to shrink Choppa's armor down to make it light enough for transport. Unfortunately, he left his spell book in the lab, and he can't change it back to normal size. Choppa is mildly irritated by this, and being a large, powerful, and impatient ork; he decides to pick up the heavily armored gnome and wield him as a weapon. Several enemies exist in the prison, acting as bodyguards for the wizards. You will encounter them throughout your escape.
These antagonists are really just trying to prevent you from obtaining the key that allows you to unlock the door to the prison. Once you have acquired the key, the game is over and Choppa can take out his frustration on Box (Since he no longer needs him as a weapon).

Your objective: Escape. (get the key)
Your weapon: Box the Gnome
Your obstacles: Jelly, Enchanted Armaments, Laser Eyeball

Unity3d Game Engine
3ds Max

Team Information
Number of Members: 
Full Name / affiliation / email / role: 

Justin Madere - classmate - six_foot_freakathotmail [dot] com - Sound Technician

Rebekah Klussmann - classmate - glenn [dot] klussmannatsbcglobal [dot] net - Lead 2d Artist

Joseph Dolan - classmate - jdolan86athotmail [dot] com - 3d Artist / Animator

Christopher Petty - classmate - chrismpettyatyahoo [dot] com - Programmer

Vance Hagood - classmate - vhagood2athotmail [dot] com - Level Designer / 2d Artist


six_foot_freakathotmail [dot] com

Game Submission
Installation Notes: 

unzip TrashCan.zip
open the release folder
additional instructions may be found within.

Brief Play Description: 

The game starts, and you jump right into the action. You can use Box three ways:
punch: Choppa holds Box and shoves him into the enemy;
kick: Box wraps around Choppa's leg and he beats the enemy with him;
helicopter: Choppa spins Box around his head, allowing you to super jump while hitting airborne enemies and reducing fall speed.
The levels are easy to follow, so just go to the end and grab the key.
Watch out for enemies! Oh yea, the spikes too....

space - action
w - equip Box to head (action = roflcoptor)
d - equip to fist (action = punch)
s - equip to foot (action = kick)
up arrow = jump
left = move left
right = move right

Game Files: 
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Side Scroller
Windows 98/2K/XP or DOS
Windows Vista
Mac OS - Intel


Nothing happens when I

Nothing happens when I doubleclick the application on Mac OS...


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