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GGJ 2010 Status Update!


Hi everyone!

As of Monday 18 January, about 1:48 pm (Pacific), GGJ 2010 has 0 registered Jam Sites in 0 countries[*] around the world. Considering we had only about 53 locations for GGJ 2009, this is already a -100% increase! Of the ones currently registered, 0 Jam Sites are in the US, which is about 0% of the total. Within the US, 0 individual states are represented[**]. There are at least 12081 registered jammers. 384 blog entries and 38 wiki entries have been made and 3949 comments have been written. So far no game projects have been submitted.

Lastly, I would like to add my voice to Susan and others, and thank all my colleagues who helped put on this event, all the wonderful organizers from around the world and of course the jammers who made all this possible. Have a wonderful time playing these games.

-Foaad Khosmood

[*] Countries with at least one Jam Site:

[**] US States with at least one Jam Site:

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