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Order of Harmony

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Game Information
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Windows XP or Vista
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Windows 7
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Mac OS X
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Short Introduction: 
In the deep recesses of the Chinese mountainside, there lives a unique clan of Monks known as the “Order of Harmony”. While most monasteries are well-known for their disciplines and knowledge of martial arts, this Order is quite special. For you see, the Order of Harmony practices the art of changing their own reality by use of Sacred “Punk-Rock” Guitar Harmonics. However, one fellow, in specific – you, are an up-and-coming graduate monk of the Order of Harmony. Shamefully, you constantly bring dishonor to your clan with your own incompetence. Being on your last straw, your master teacher has banished you to one last attempt of retribution. Banished down, deep into the dark and twisted recesses of the monastery known as “The Clef of Tones”, tasked with the job of hunting down the demented nightmare of skunkary, Sineous Skunk – the master’s pet. However, the only way you may survive the Clef of Tones, is to deceive your own reality with the use of the Order’s Sacred Punk Rock Harmonics, navigate and return with Sineous Skunk from those twisted halls.

Submitted at University of California, Santa Cruz (United States)

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