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Carleton University

Midnight Sunday


So the second morning is coming upon us and my team and I all feel confident about our project as of yet.

The basic idea of our game is a platformer where all items will act unexpectedly, denying conventions of our assumptions/ the genre.

We decided on XNA because it requires less maintenance and helps increase time actually designing the game/ code.

The way we decided to code our game was in 3 main parts, seperated among 4 people so we managed to get the working game engine by 11pm on friday.


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Game Information
Platform or System: 
Windows XP or Vista
Short Introduction: 
A Glitch in the electrical system accidentally releases a prisoner from his cell. The goal of the character, prisoner 1015, is to escape to the plains of Spain for freedom. As the prisoner travels through prison it will become progressively harder and problems within the prison become more apparent. Prisoner 1015 must discover and exploit these glitches to achieve his ultimate goal of escape.

Submitted at Carleton School of Information Technology (Canada)

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