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2 People, 48 hours... One Finished, Solid Game.


Against all odds, the two of us created this simple, solid, beautiful and funny game in two days. We even got at least six hours of sleep both nights. We also managed to get a half a dozen of the achievement goals. It works on all platforms except iPhone. Please take a moment to play our game:


Thanks everyone; See you next year!

My Big Fat Bouncer is Taking A Nap

Kenta Wolf

I just woke up at 10am on Saturday morning, and everyone else it catching a nap.

I'm hoping the programmers got their crowd behavior started, and the designers made all the docs they need. Here's hoping our simple design of a bouncer crowd-swimming for delinquents didn't have a sudden self-realization that it's a Titanic Iceberg of Doom (Doomberg), and there's too much sitting beneath the surface to implement!

Well, we'll see when everyone regains consciousness.

In the meanwhile, I got a model to unwrap!

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