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SGJ 2010: Meet Our Teams!


Only a few hours left to go in Scotland but that doesn't mean it's too late to introduce our teams. Here's a list of the teams taking part in the Scottish Game Jam at Glasgow Caledonian University, with links to their own game summary pages on ScottishGameJam.org! Check them out, have a read of their game plans (pardon the pun) and of course, if you're feeling nice, leave a complement on their dashing looks.

"How Do I Shot Web?" - http://www.jonsykes.com/sgj/?p=182
"Panda Dragoon: Bees on Ice" - http://www.jonsykes.com/sgj/?p=187
"Command and Deceive" - http://www.jonsykes.com/sgj/?p=191
"Bacterial Warfare" - http://www.jonsykes.com/sgj/?p=195
"Ghostlight" - http://www.jonsykes.com/sgj/?p=199
"Hardcore Sinkopation" - http://www.jonsykes.com/sgj/?p=208
"Oh No! That's a Black Hole! Thank Goodness for the Intergalactic Planetary Moving Agency!" - http://www.jonsykes.com/sgj/?p=213
"The Lord of the Rink: The Return of Rampuck" - http://www.jonsykes.com/sgj/?p=216
"Sewer Love" - http://www.jonsykes.com/sgj/?p=226

Keep an eye on Twitter feed @scottishgamejam and ScottishGameJam.org for more news as the SGJ draws to a close!


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