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Making a Stealthy Sumo in 48 hours


So this was my second game jam and so far it's been 2 for 2 on having an excellent experience. Again, my team was AMAZING and everyone did their own great work. This year, my game jam went like this...

Friday, 1/29- 5:00 PM: I arrive at Cogswell Poly College for the game jam. I see plenty of familiar faces from the year before, including majority of my first team. I also see a gang of new people and I instantly become excited cause the group has almost doubled in size compared to last year's event.

1/29- Approx. 9:00 PM: We break off into random groups (each equally assigned certain disciplines), we introduce ourselves and begin the creative process. Prior to this point I had never met these individuals, but boy was I happy. Once deciding our concept, a glow of energy and excitement passed through each team member. The team comprised of one programmer (George), one Designer (Tobiah), and 2 artists: 2d art-me (Seth), and a 3d artist (Madison).

Our Concept: A Sumo is getting some ice cream at a local mall when he notices pesky monks and rowdy punks pepper the shopping mall floor. The sumo must disguise himself as the crowd to be safe from long biblical lectures and a shoving match from mobs of punks.

1/29 - Approx. 11:00 PM: We start developing. I come off the gates and start with our main character, Madison on the environment, George does his programming thang, and Tobiah comes up with more and more ideas to throw into for the game. Majority of us work through the night.

1/30 - Approx. 2:00 PM: I had been working for about 15 hours straight and needed a few Z's. I leave my team to go home to take a 4 hour power nap and come back to get more work in. By this time I had created the main character in 3 different outfits and readied for animation.

1/30 - Approx. 7:00 PM: I get back to Cogswell to get some work done. Slightly tired from the short rest but the soda and fruit snacks in the break room quickly remedy that. The team I noticed is deprived of sleep much like I am but the enthusiasm and energy is still there. They got a lot done since I had left. We continue to work through the night. Eventually, Tobiah goes on a much needed In n Out run to give us fuel for the long night ahead.

1/31 - Approx. 9:30AM: After working through the night again...my scary moment. My Wacom tablet decides to bug out on me. I remove the driver and oddly can not reinstall a new version. I go home as fast as I can to see if the original disc driver would work. When I try that, my computer begins to act up. I get a call from my team member asking If I can finish up some final touches. I just realized I had taken 2 hours to try and fix this thing.

1/31 - Approx. 1:00 PM: I get back and have no computer to work with. Luckily George had a spare laptop packed along with a wacom tablet. I work to get some assets done but not with the efficiency that I am used to. Oddly how using someone else's equipment can feel SO foreign.

1/31 - Approx. 3:00PM: We submit our title and celebrate with some Panda Express... That's how we get down!

IN SUMMARY: I can now say that this has been my MOST enjoyable developing experience. My lack of sleep was unnoticed from the excitement in making this game. In 48 hours. We developed a game ready to play and submit into the apple app store... just amazing. This is something that my former company took 8+ months on and still couldn't do. I was blessed with 3 talented team members all focused on making something enjoyable and worthy of bragging about. Till this day I am still making the assets for this title trying to improve something we had already given our hearts and souls into. Hopefully anyone reading this has AS MUCH fun with out title as we did. Thank you GGJ and Cogswell for hosting this great event.

A link to Sumo Stealth...
Sumo Stealth


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