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Midnight Sunday


So the second morning is coming upon us and my team and I all feel confident about our project as of yet.

The basic idea of our game is a platformer where all items will act unexpectedly, denying conventions of our assumptions/ the genre.

We decided on XNA because it requires less maintenance and helps increase time actually designing the game/ code.

The way we decided to code our game was in 3 main parts, seperated among 4 people so we managed to get the working game engine by 11pm on friday.

The first part was the engine itself, checking colisions, drawing sprites/animations, updating the game state etc. I was in charge of this part. At the moment, this is done excepting from the Menus, level selection and game over states.(right now it will just reload the level if you die/fall off the world)

The second part was the map editor, which in-itself could take awhile. This is mostly done and has a few glitches.(One of which disallows the resizing of maps, the other is the inability to scroll the map if its larger than the viewing pane). For this we assigned our new friend, a graduate from La Cite Collegiale who has had experience and knew what he was about with the map editor.

The third part, and also the most essential to the game, was a set of CollisionBehaviours that could be applied to any object, static or non static, in our game. So for example we have 3 objects


and 10 collision effects

Bounce (affects other)
Bounceoff(affects itself)
destroy (itself)
destroy (other)

we could have a Trampoline Harm and Bounce away from the player, or Fire that fell from the sky, healed players, bounced off other objects, and respawn at the top and fall again.

The flexibility that we have created in our engine amazes even us at this point. The possibilities seem endless within our engine. We have zombies, rain falling down from the sky, portals, hidden coves, and just so many things that we want to add.

Will post a video eventually, now to get back to work!