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The Making of: Honeymoon - Global Game Jam 2010


See the video here: http://www.vimeo.com/9308539

Constraint (global): Deception
Constraint (GMT+1): A monkey, a donkey or a key

We went to Copenhagen, Denmark where the biggest Game Jam with 300 people took place. We mixed a space shooter with classic jump'n run controls, made the player control play one little monkey.

Brief game-play description: Send coconuts to your beloved one (or hug him/her with your planet). In order to get coconuts, make your coconut tree grow in sunlight and let the sunlight make it grow coconuts. Then hit them with your head to send them to the other player - score a point.

But while you go on, you may find out the real game you are playing.

Download the game (with source-code)


Sandro Esquivel (Programming, Sounds, some Art)
Marcel Jackwerth (Programming, Shaders, Screen-Design)
Hajo Nils Krabbenhöft (Programming, Animation)
Joachim Perschbacher (Art, 2D Rendering)

Music: JP "Rig" Neufeld - Epic Orchestra


THX! Yes Peter was really

THX! Yes Peter was really there and showed us Milo and Project Nathal. He even take a look at some of the games on saturday morning. Unfortunatly he didnt came to us.


I agree!

Wow! Very polished! You really had Peter Molyneux there????!!!


Looks fantastic!

Hope you guys won for your division.


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