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Midnight Sunday


So the second morning is coming upon us and my team and I all feel confident about our project as of yet.

The basic idea of our game is a platformer where all items will act unexpectedly, denying conventions of our assumptions/ the genre.

We decided on XNA because it requires less maintenance and helps increase time actually designing the game/ code.

The way we decided to code our game was in 3 main parts, seperated among 4 people so we managed to get the working game engine by 11pm on friday.

Awaiting the game jam


Ive been looking forward to the game jam for a long time now and it's almost here!

I meant to go to last year's jam but due to work and school I hadn't made time to go. Been slowly preparing for it. Brushing up on my programming skills, doing some creativity exercises and junk like that.

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