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2 People, 48 hours... One Finished, Solid Game.


Against all odds, the two of us created this simple, solid, beautiful and funny game in two days. We even got at least six hours of sleep both nights. We also managed to get a half a dozen of the achievement goals. It works on all platforms except iPhone. Please take a moment to play our game:


Thanks everyone; See you next year!

Clear Jellyfish Monster!


I didn't think I'd be making a blog post while trying to maximize sleep/work hours, but I had to share my horrifying experience...

Moments ago, I saw a semi-transparent, colorless jellyfish floating two feet away from my face in the air as I slept! I had been sleeping for about 45 minutes (9:15pm to 10:00pm Saturday) when I was woken up to this. I swatted violently into the air and my heart was beating so fast it felt like it was going to burst!

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