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Space Bastards

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Space Bastard is a top view arcade game of 2 to 4 player game. Each player controls a spaceship and must eat the other diamonds attached to the tails of the ship.
Mac OS X+
Platform note: 
Developed in Unity, so multiplatform
Brief Play Description: 

The objective is to gain as many points as possible at the end of the game.
Each player has a spaceship with diamonds attached to his tail following it and are fighting in a closed area.
The goal is to keep the most diamonds behind your ship, so It can generate more points.
Players can collect points by running into randomly spawned diamonds on the map or by breaking other players tails and collect the scattered diamonds.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Credits: -Gabriel Burdeti -Jean-François B. Perrault -François Alain -Matthew Robertson -Nadjib Sellali -Germain Couët -F-X Dupas
Game Files: 
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YAY Unity 3.5 is officially out!

This means that you can play our game in your web browser via the Unity Web Player now! So what are you waiting for? Follow this link
http://allumagestudios.com/spacebastards.html and have some fun!


Unity Weplayer version and official trailer

There is an official trailer and a revamped version with keyboard controls, better particle effects and control tweaks that plays in your web browser via Unity Player.

Unfortunately, you need to have Unity 3.5 beta to play because Unity Webplayer 3.4 isn't compatible. So we have to wait for 3.5 to be released before we post the link to the game and the trailer on our website.





Plug game controller to play the game - no keyboard input programmed :/

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