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Game Information
Platform note: 
Needs XNA 4 and .NET 4
Brief Play Description: 

This game is about digesting food inside of a snake. The game is broken up into three stages that the players can freely move between. Certain sizes of food cannot pass through certain stages, so they must be broken up.

To break food up, steer your microbe with the left Xbox 360 analog stick to push large pieces of food into spikes that can be found on the wall. Once food is small enough, it will be pulled into the next stage.

Move between the stages to help food digest. You can also move into acid mounds to collect acid ammo to help digest things. Large pieces of food take a lot of shots and may not be worth shooting, but smaller pieces are very difficult to push into spikes, but can be easily digested with acid.

Fully digested food gives you points and energy. If you don't digest food fast enough it will go bad (turn purple) and drain you of your energy so keep an eye out for bad food and digest it quickly. Hitting the spikes has a very steep energy penalty too so be careful.

This game is played cooperatively and supports 2 Xbox 360 controllers.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Jesse Hepworth Mike Bradley Taylor Tovey Terry Lewis Victor Chelaru
Installation Notes: 

Unzip and run. Plugin controllers before running the game. Install XNA 4 and .NET 4 if you don't have them already. Requires a PC.

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