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Planes on a Snake

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Samuel L. Jackson was fighting snakes on a plane. You are Jamuel L. Sackson fighting planes on a snake.
Mac OS X+
Linux / Unix
Brief Play Description: 

* Protect your snake from the incoming planes! They'll hurt your snake!
* Get the highest score you can!

* Click (or spacebar) to shoot.
* A, D to move left and right.
* Scroll wheel (or W, S) to spin the snake.

More Info:
The color of your bullets match the color of the snake you're standing on. Match bullet colors to plane colors for one-hit kills! Planes killed with matching color bullets emit shockwaves of that color that will destroy all other planes of that color and give you a score multiplier. Group up your kills to maximize your score!

Diversifiers and Credits
GGJ 2012 Diversifiers : 
1D: (Single-dimensional gameplay) The game takes place along only a single dimension.
Team Image: 
Taylor Arnicar (Project Management, Programming) Kathy Blizard (Art, Programming) Sterling Hirsh (Music, Programming) Bob Somers (Programming) Marc Zych (Music, Programming) Shirley Song (Design)
Installation Notes: 

For Windows and Mac OS X, just unzip and run the executable.

For Linux, install LOVE first. Check your package manager, or download it from http://www.love2d.org.

The game source code is also on GitHub, at https://github.com/bobsomers/game-jam-2012

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Planes on a Snake won the Cal Poly audience choice award! Great job everyone!

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