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Navigating Nirvana

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
A game of reincarnation and enlightenment.
Brief Play Description: 


Reach Nirvana by ascending to a higher plane and praying at the ultimate shrine.


Pray at shrines to gain karma.
If you gain enough karma, you will reach Nirvana.
The more karma you gather, the higher your next life form will be if you die.
Each life form has its advantages and disadvantages:
Frog - Frogs are small and slow, but they can jump amazingly high for their size.
Human - Humans have no great advantages or disadvantages. They simply ARE.
Elephant - Elephants are large and slow, but their tough exterior allows them to trample dangers such as thorns.
Tiger - Tigers are fast and agile. They can jump quite high and are tough enough to endure the sting of thorns.
Monkey - Monkeys are masters of the jungle. They can climb any tree and reach great heights by jumping.
Eagle - Eagles are masters of the sky. Their ability to fly allows them to explore all the land.


To pray at a shrine, simply walk in front of it.

Move left and right by using the |arrow| keys.
Jump using the |z| key.
Climb by using the |up| and |down| arrow keys.
Fly by using the |z| key.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Brian Soulliard, Anna Loparev, Jenn Kotler, Drew Diamantoukos,
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Not bad, but I managed to get

Not bad, but I managed to get through the entire thing without ever getting to be a monkey or an elephant!

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