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Mini Freerunner

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Game Information
Brief Play Description: 

You are free to control the mini freerunner jump from roof-top to roof-top. Your aim is to keep running, and get the best distance. Concerned that you might not have the dexterity or speed to be able to play? How about you give this game a try? Tell us what you think - only-one-button and no-timing required!

*Accessibility Options*

Remapping Controls

There are multiple control styles available in the game. The game uses a single-button (or single-input) style including single mouse button, any key on the keyboard and voice (volume detection).

Control Personalization

Several control personalisations are available in the game options which can be saved as an .ini file. This includes custom menu scroll speed and . Any key may be used to play the game.
Furthermore, voice input is dynamic and includes noise-detection.

One-Button Only

The game can be controlled with one-button, one-key or one-voice only!

Alternative Controller Support

We currently support keys and mouse button. Voice control is available for beta testers but may cause instabilities on some versions of Windows.

Make Starting the Game Simple

Any Key starts the game from the main menu. Use a single button to get into the game.

Comprehensive Subtitled Tutorial

We have added subtitles to all audio explaining the game rules and control systems in the tutorial sequence. We recommend "Very Easy Mode" for beginners who need need help getting started with the game.

Sound Alternatives / Colour Alternatives

N/A - We have endeavoured to ensure that the game does not include any colour or sound driven game-play elements.

Volume Adjustments

Voice, sound and music volume are controlled separately - all available in the ini file configuration.

Colour Blind Friendly

We have add the option to change all the RGB colours to any [background, foreground, character] combination within the games via ini-file. Some common colour-schemes (such as black-on-yellow) are available on the main menu.

High Visibility Graphics

We have add the option to change all the RGB colours within the games.

Difficulty and/or Speed Adjustments

All difficulty and control adjustments (such as menu-option scrolling speed) can be configured in the .ini file, with some appear as options in the main menu.

Practice, training, free-roaming and/or tutorial mode

We recommend "Very Easy Mode" for players who need a practice environment to learn how to play. A tutorial is available for all players at the beginning of the game (this may be skipped).

No Timing Required

We have made a 'traditionally' time-based game have no time requirements. The game will automatically pause to allow input to be processed.

We hope you enjoy the game!

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Core Design & Programming by Fanotherpg Support by Adrir (Design/Code), IAMJot (Music/Sound) & WkdBoi (Design)
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Thanks Jamie. Dryad was a really neat concept, you are always worthy competition :)


yo guys

I worked on dryad, just wanted to drop a line and say I quite liked this!

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