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Master of the Elements

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
The element of fire has been stolen from humanity by those bent on destruction. Using the remaining elements, Moe must reclaim the runes of fire to save the world from the threat of annihilation.
built with GameMaker:HTML5
Brief Play Description: 

The player controls Moe, a master of the natural elements. Moe can sacrifice his life to reinforce his body with elemental powers. Once sacrificed, the elements will return Moe to life to continue his quest for the element of fire.

Gameplay takes place in a sequence of 2d platforming levels. The player must use the elements to navigate obstacles and reach the rune of fire at the end of the room. The goal of the player should be to complete the level with minimal lives lost.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Caleb Fruin - Art Kristy Zeller - Art Kevin Szerszen - Design and Project Management Brendan Breimeir - Programming Patrick Galagan - Programming Terri Gast - Sound
Game Files: 
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