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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Kipp is a game about infinity, where going back into time is no problem! Will kipp make it to the end?
Platform note: 
Made with XNA
Brief Play Description: 

Winner of the GGJ12 Breda Audience Award!

You start out as young kipp trying to find its way out of the belly of the snake. Soon kipp will have to harness the power of his final form, the phoenix! But the phoenix will burn out eventually, and you will have to start as an egg again. Try to make it to the top!

Kipp also features a crazy/hectic but super fun co-op mode, 2 kipp's trying to make it in the gut, but whenever they touch, magic happens. This game mode will make for a very different game.

Xbox360 controller compatible:
Left stick for movement
A button for jumping (hold to jump higher)

No controller? no problem!
arrow keys for movement
space for jumping!

co-op but only 1 controller? no problem!
player 1 = controller
player 2 = keyboard

(Make sure that the controllers are hooked up at index 1 and 2)

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Niels Uiterwijk (@gorbear) [Programmer] Harald Maassen (@coamithra) [Programmer] Maya Goedert [Artist] Doortje Spanjerberg [Artist]
Game Files: 
Installation Notes: 

Run setup.exe (Windows XP SP2.0 & DirectX10 card required)

It should install all frameworks required. (.net 4.0 & xna 4.0)

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