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Jersey Shouroboros

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
You are Jormungandr, a mid-level producer for MTV's hit situational reality show "Jersey Shore." Consume the entire young Italian-American household and lock them in a perpetual cycle of arrogance, petty debauchery, and gym / tanning / laundry.
Mac OS X+
Platform note: 
Brief Play Description: 

(Nominated for Best Use of Theme / Best Overall, won the Audience Choice Award!)

1) Pick up a PS3 controller or X360 gamepad. (You can use cursor keys too, but it's extremely difficult / unfun without analog sticks.)

2) Consume young Italian-Americans.

3) At the end, consume your own tail and lock their souls into their perpetual cycle of self-destruction.

4) Watch your TV ratings soar.

5) Esc to reset/change levels

Diversifiers and Credits
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