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It Ate My Village Extreme 2: Tremendous Upward Movement GO!

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
A small little village on an island is in dire trouble, the underground snake demon is eating away below the village. The villagers have no where to go but upward to the heavens of the beloved phoenix god, whom provides the devoted villagers with the supplies necessary to build the village tower. How long can they survive without toppling the Sacred Pheonix Temple!?
Brief Play Description: 

Blocks will fall from the sky and players must arrange these blocks to build the tower. When the day ends the final piece (Sacred Phoenix Temple). During the night players will have to hope that their towers are structurally sound and the snake monster doesn't destroy the village beyond repair. Some blocks will have different abilities to improve your chances of survival. The object is to last as long as you can, with the monster taking more and more away from your tower the longer you last.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Installation Notes: 

For Normal:

Start Game
Click and Drag the Blocks do not let the Temple Fall to the Ground

For Kinect:

UnZip Game
Install ZigFuDevBundle
Plugin Kinect
Start Game

Click Play Kinect
Use , to Grab Blocks you can use a Wireless Presenter As well.

When you Click Kinect the , Key will allow you to grab a Block.

Blocks you do not want you can throw into the Volcano.
Blocks you want to save place in the clouds.

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update on current game status

No instructions, or menus of any kind made it into the uploaded build. Some people said they would have liked a sort of explanation. Stack the buildings as best you can, you can store one piece at a time on the cloud or remove a piece completely by dumping it in the volcano. The trick is, the Final piece (Pheonix Temple), which is unable to be moved around must never hit the ground. Sadly we were also unable to get in our condition pieces that effected the amount of time you had to build and such. We hope you enjoy our game, we quite enjoyed making it and laughed a lot during the design process.

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