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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Hoy! is a Kinect game for Windows created in 2 hours by jam site organizer.
Platform note: 
Uses Kinect for Windows (requires Kinect SDK Beta 2 driver)
Brief Play Description: 

Hold the stance! Hoy! Speed up!

Hoy! is a Kinect game for Windows.

Simply hold stances, shout "hoy!" to validate them, and do as many stances as possible during 1 minute of madness.

This game has been done by the Metz jam site organizer in about 2 hours, with the contribution of several other jammers for sounds and graphics.

Planned updates:

  • More stances
  • Online score database
  • Make Kinect to take live action photos
  • Update to retail Kinect for Windows (waiting for release)
  • New song
  • Official webpage with online scoreboards
  • Enhanced graphics and menus
Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Code by Thomas Altenburger, Graphics by Hellgy, Voices & music by anonymous jammers from Metz
Installation Notes: 

The game requires XNA 4.0 Refresh runtime & Kinect SDK Beta 2 Driver.

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