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Flotsam board game

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Flotsam is a 2-4 player survival board game where you must use a combination of luck and strategy to outlast your opponents.
non-digital (board game, card game, physical game, etc.)
Brief Play Description: 

Welcome to Flotsam! A competitive maze game of skill and luck for 2-4 players.

Your boat has been wrecked in dangerous waters, and is not strong enough to hold more than one person. You must move between the floating pieces of flotsam to try and stay out of the water; if you fall in the water, you will be eaten by the sea snakes! The last person standing wins!

In the kit you will find 2 sheets with 8 tiles each (tilePage.png and tilePage2.png). Print these sheets off twice, and cut out the 32 tiles, folding them in half (making 2-sided tiles). You will also need tokens for each of the players, and a 6-sided die.

To set up the board, place 25 of the tiles in a 5x5 grid. Players begin on tiles adjacent to the center tile (the colored tiles on boardSetup.png), and roll to see who goes first.

On their turn, players first roll the die. If the number is displayed on the tile they are on, they move in that direction. If that direction does not connect to another ‘path’ on the adjacent tile, or the number rolled is not displayed on the tile, that player instead rotates the tile they are standing on by 90 degrees.

After moving (or rotating), the player than picks up one tile on the edge of the board (where at least one edge of the tile is not bordered by another tile), flips it over, and then places it in a different position, connecting to an open ‘path’. If there are no open ‘paths’ to connect to, that tile is removed from the game.

If a player moves on to a tile occupied by another player, that player must choose 'even' or 'odd'. The player occupying that tile rolls the die. If the moving player is correct, they get to move the other player's token to another adjacent tile (regardless of paths). If they are incorrect, the defending player moves them to another adjacent tile. Players cannot be thrown into the water in this way.

If a player takes a path that does not have another tile connecting to it, they have ‘fallen in the water’. They still move a tile, as usual, but at this point they have one chance (on their next turn) to pull themselves out of the water. If they roll a number that displays on any of the adjacent paths pointing at them, they can pull themselves onto that tile. If they do not roll any of the numbers shown, they are eaten by sea snakes.

The last player remaining wins!

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You must download the kit, and print off the tiles pages, cut them out, and fold them in half before starting the game. You must also use tokens for each player, and a 6-sided die (not included)

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