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Falcon Fight

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Game Information
Android mobile device
Platform note: 
Android 2.2
Brief Play Description: 

The player starts the game by pressing the 'Start'-button ´ in the main menu.
Then he reaches the actual game screen which shows a green meadow with the hawk's nest in the middle. The nest will be attacked by an increasing number of snakes who'll try to eat the eggs in the nest.
The player controls the hawk flying over the meadow by tilting the cellphone. This way, he can hover over the snakes and attack the snakes by tipping on the screen.
If the player loses all eggs in the nest, he has lost the game and will be directed to the game over screen where'll be able to see the score he accomplished and his highest score.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Martin Dechant - game engine & essentials Ulrike Raab - Graphics Dominik Lang - Interface & app baseframe
Game Files: 
Installation Notes: 

Move the .apk file to your android device and execute it through the data explorer

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