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Death Wish Zero

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
The game is about a character who wants to die. Trapped in life, and trapped in an existence it does not wish for it endless tries to die, only to be reborn in a new level. It's hope is that if it can die fast and often enough, it will die for ever... Can you break the cycle of death and rebirth? The game is a reverse of the traditional platformer, where normally you aim to stay alive and collect health power-ups. Here you try to die and avoid them. The game is a side scrolling platform game where the player controls a character with movement and other functions. They have a health bar that they must get to zero before the time ends.
other digital platform
Platform note: 
Browser game/Flash
Brief Play Description: 

The HUD has a health bar and timer and number of lives. When each level starts the player has a set amount of time to get the health bar to zero else they gain a life. They must move though the level avoiding obstacles that delay them or give them health and seek things that will damage their health or kill them. The aim is that levels are fast an furious and getting killed is not as easy as it seems.

The game has the following accessibility features:
-All Text is visible on screen (so don't miss anything)
-Color Blind Friendly
-High Visibility Graphics
-Simple Start
-Difficulty and/or Speed Adjustment

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Charlie, Lukas, Dan, Tomas, Giulio, Peter & support from Tom & Simon
Installation Notes: 

The game is a flash SWF file.

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