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Blood Guzzle

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
A comedic 2D action platform game
Mac OS X+
built with Game Maker (any product)
Platform note: 
I made it with Game Maker on my Mac, I don't know it's full compatibilities
Brief Play Description: 

A comedic 2D action platformer game, lead by the Global game Jam 2012 theme of a symbol of immortality. Blaze through 9 action packed levels with a huge variety of three monsters to destroy using a shotgun, some garlic bomb thingies, and something liquid and salty... (That's a surprise.) Become immortal (by drinking blood) like an evil wizard trying to take over the world and then destroy him for his tyrannical authority. You're a punk, and you don't like other folk who puch others around or tell them what to do, especially if they're a stupid old evil wizard! Title screen and all character sprites were hand drawn.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Game Design: Rhett Akers Music: Rhett Akers Character art and animation: Rhett Akers Title Screen art by Rhett Akers Scenery art downloaded from sandbox.YoYoGames.com Sound effects by Rhett Akers, a1freesoundeffects.com. and freesound.org Programming by Z. Rhett Akers
Installation Notes: 

Drag and drop the icon wherever you'd like it.

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