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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Escape the byte register by setting its value to the correct value for the Bit Reader. Don't delay or the Byte Refresh will fry you.
built with Game Maker (any product)
Platform note: 
Built with Game Maker 8.0
Brief Play Description: 

Designed and Implemented by Chris Sanyk for Global Game Jam 2012

YOU are trapped in a BYTE REGISTER.

Keep moving! The BIT REFRESH will crash if it tries to read the bit you're stored in. You don't want to know what will happen in that event.

The BIT REFRESH chases you through the register, one BIT at a time, reading the current VALUE stored in the bit and refreshing its value.

In each bit, YOU can change its value, by flipping a SWITCH.

To ESCAPE the REGISTER, set the BYTE to match the CLUE. Read the CLUE at the bottom of the screen. Read the OUTPUT of the BYTE at the top of the screen.

When you have the CLUE matched, EXIT the byte at the last bit by hitting the EXECUTE SWITCH.

If you do not have a MATCH by the time you get to the last bit, use the ROLLOVER path to return to the first bit.

Use LEFT|RIGHT Arrow Keys to MOVE


JUMP IN PLACE to re-randomize your bit.

In your path you will find a variety of SWITCHES. Switches perform logical operations on bits in the Register.

! = Not
|| = Or
^^ = Xor
&& = And
+ = Add
-- = Sub
>> = Right Shifter
<< = Left Shifter
[ ] = Off
[E] = Execute

Touch switches to activate them.

When you activate a switch, your bit combines with the Register bit that belongs to the switch, and performs the operation controlled by the switch.

The clue value at the bottom of the screen must be matched to the output value at the top of the screen.

Once these match, activate the [E]xecute switch to escape the Register.
The Execute switch will not work if you do not have a match.

Diversifiers and Credits
GGJ 2012 Diversifiers : 
The Right Target Audience: (Programming during play) The game involves the players actually programming while playing.
Team Image: 
Concept, Design, Programming, Graphics by Chris Sanyk. Sprite animation by Steve Felix
Installation Notes: 

Download the .exe and run it on Windows. That's all there is to it.

Source is in Game Maker 8.0 format. Feel free to look at the source (it's not TOO bad) and modify it as you like.

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Bug fixes

So I looked at my project again over the weekend and noticed a couple bugs present which made the game unwinnable. Sorry. They're fixed now.


An absolute gem!

This game is magnified by the deep nostalgia I feel for most of the masochist games I played as a child. I think the implementation is brilliant, amusing, and clever - and makes a great commentary on what games can be and where they have been. I love everything about it.



Thanks, Eagix!


1.01 Update

Went home at 5:40am and slept 5 hours. Immediately upon waking up, realized that in 1.0final the Byte is Big Endian, which doesn't work with the way I implemented the ADD and SUB switches. So I changed the game to Little Endian and uploaded 1.01.

I realize the level design is a "bit" (ha ha) masochistic. I have ideas for making a series of levels to make the lead-in a little more gentle and the challenge curve more inviting. I just couldn't implement all the levels in time with the setbacks I had (originally was working in Game Maker HTML5, it kept corrupting my project, dropped back to 8.1, it too corrupted my project, totaling about 12 hours of lost progress that I eventually re-implemented in 8.0). I plan to develop the game further and will make future releases available through csanyk.com



Game is uploaded and submitted. I'll log a postmortem eventually, probably on my website, http://csanyk.com. The game is also available for download there, too. If you played it and enjoyed it, please contact me.

Twitter: @csanyk
Web: http://csanyk.com
Email: csanykatgmail [dot] com



Game is complete. Will be uploading files shortly. It is awsesome, but HARD. Probably fun only if you're really into Binary to ASCII conversion:)


Final Stretch

Everything has become clear now. I know exactly how I want the game to be. I'm so excited, this is going to be better than I thought. The only question is IS THERE ENOUGH TIME?


3D sound!

Sweet! 3D sound was easy. I got it right on the first try. I've never used 3D sound before in a Game Maker game, but it makes this game a lot better.

I can't wait to finish the rest of the logic gate features and the BitReader Head to finish up the game. The end is in sight!



Got the kinks in the Player state machine worked out enough that you can see what I was going for. Jumping works much better now. Yay. I've got about 15 hours to implement the remaining objects and get them working in my level before deadline. I'm optimistic, but may have to drop some features if I run into a time crunch. Who am I kidding, this entire thing has been a time crunch!



Took a 3hr nap and am back at the Jam. Hopefully I got enough rest that I'll be able to see errors when they're right in front of my face.


Finally caught back up to where I was at 7:30AM...

Game is coming along. I'm about 50% done, I think. Time for some sleep, and come back to it with a fresh mind.

Thanks to Steve Felix for helping me out with some simple animations for my running player avatar.



I have now been up for 24 hours in a row. Still going strong.

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