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You're Killing Me

Game Information
Short Introduction: 
You're Killing Me is about the toxic relationship between a game and it's player. Winner of the popular vote at the Chicago location.
Brief Play Description: 

Unzip folder to computer and run the setup.exe to play

Arrow keys to move
Spacebar or up to jump
Z to throw wrenches (When you are Super D)

Collect CDs to save the game's AI and make the world harder.
Kill enemies to destroy the AI and make levels easier.

You're Killing Me appears at first to be a typical platformer. But as you proceed to play, mysterious messages appear in the game world; a cry for help. You actions as a player are destroying the game. The only way to save the game it is to let it strive, making the world in front of you grow more challenging and impassible. Can you peacefully co-exist with a game that was designed to oppose you?

"This game came out fairly buggy, hope you can still enjoy it for a minute or two! The Hats might end up making a polished version of this if I can convince someone it's a good idea."-Ryan

Made in XNA in 26 hours for Global Game Jam 2011

Ryan Wiemeyer
Ben Perez
Michael Block
Nate Anaman
Mike Gaffron
Sebastian Gosztyla

Level 1 - Melodious by Geir Tjelta
Level 2 - Chango Island by Kupa
Level 3 - Bloody Tears by Kupa
End - Iced Earth by Dragan Espenshied

Achievements and Credits
GGJ-2011 Achievements: 
Breaking the 4th Wall: The game acknowledges itself as a game.
GGJ-2011 Achievements: 
Do and Undo: The game features a phase of creation and assemblage, followed by a phase of removal of all traces of expended effort.
Team Image: 
Ryan Wiemeyer, Ben Perez, Michael Block, Nate Anaman, Mike Gaffron, Sebastian Gosztyla
Game Files: 
Installation Notes: 

Unzip folder to computer and run the setup.exe to play

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This game is art!


To Grapel: Are u stupid? Did you even read the first line about the game? You are not killing some random person, you are killing the games AI.

In video games, the AI or the game designer sets up the game against the player... the AI makes the game challenging and the player can only just deal with whatever the AI throws at him/her. In this game though, you can actually alter the AI as the player, if you want it to be easier, then u kill gumba's, if you want it to be harder, then you collect CD's. I think it is a brilliant and innovative game concept and I hope the team applies this concept to a full game, preferably something that is more than just a Mario clone.

You know the game is art when it is a complete copy of an existing game, but somehow, changes the atmosphere completely and makes u question your own actions in the game.


A Mario clone, and somebody


A Mario clone, and somebody is dieing in the background... WTF?