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Play SEXtinction


(Planets are best played in the following order: Green, Blue, Red)

Despite what the title might suggest, this is work safe.

The goal is to make the male and female aliens meet so they can reproduce and avoid the extinction of their species. However, both are controlled simultaneously, so getting them together is not that simple.

Use left/right arrow keys to move the characters, and space to jump.

If you get stuck in a level, press Enter (or up arrow key) to restart it.

There are 5 types of aliens:
Alpha (blue): Normal
Omega (red): Constant Jumper
Delta (purple): No Friction
Beta/Zeta(*) (orange): Inverted Movement
Gamma (green): Reverse Gravity

(*) Initially, Beta was supposed to lack jumping ability, and Zeta was supposed to have inverted movement. However, no-jumping was not implemented in any level, and the game's instructions mention Beta as the one with inverted movement.