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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
PETALS - It's a touch screen phone based console. Petal(player) tries to pollinate the grass, as the ground is decaying on a time limit. The Petal's pollens drops onto the grass and rejuvenate the ground and adds color to the world.
generic mobile platform
Platform note: 
The game is on the Windows Phone 7 platform.
Brief Play Description: 

The game begins on the tilt mini-game screen. Here the player can tilt the phone to move around a petal for fun. Instructions are displayed on the game screen with instructions to touch the screen to continue. When the player touches the screen he/she is shown the main menu. Here the player can hit Start or Tutorial. If tutorial is hit a screen is displayed with brief instructions on how to play. If start is hit the game begins. When the game begins wind blows through a tree blowing petals across the screen. The player must grab the petals and throw them to the ground with their finger on the touch screen. As the petals reach the ground the map brightens, if the petals are blown off screen the screen darkens. If the screen becomes black the player has lost. If the player throws enough petals to the ground plants grow. Grow enough plants and avoid extinction and you win!

Achievements and Credits
Team Image: 
Craig Todd
ConorNll and Chuckie were the programmers of the project and it would have gone no where if they had not been as good as they were they worked well together and were able to overcome any issue that arose. Craig Todd and requindo-kanji were the audio team for the project they worked at it from the minute go and were able to come up with the ruff idea of the games audio and over the course of the next 10-hours they refined and perfected all the elements of the intro, gameplay music and the ending song and by doing that they added a key components to the game. killua777,Craig Todd and myself headed up the art of the group and we worked at the early concept and core idea and we stuck to that idea because of the fact that it was the idea of the game. the lads skills in paint.net and photoshop was second to none and that is really shown in the art,the style and the feel of the game. it was a pleaser to work with all the lads and i am happy that i was able to lead and be part of this team.
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