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Short Introduction: 
You are stuck in the cycle of life and death. You enter the Palace of Kalachakra where you must overcome obstacles to achieve spiritual growth and Enlightenment. Ultimately you must achieve Nirvana to escape this vicious cycle. Game designed using Atmosphir and modeled after the Tibetan Kalachakra mandala for world peace.
Web browser with plugins (Unity player, Torque,...)
Platform note: 
Unity 3D plugin
Brief Play Description: 

You begin at the entrance to the Palace gate. There are four gates: Red, Green, Yellow and White: Red is dangerous, White is always beneficial, Yellow is auspicious, and Green is hazardous. Your goal is ascend the vertical stories of the Palace to reach the goal of Enlightenment, thereby escaping the cycle of life and death.

Each floor of the Palace echoes the color/attributes of the four gates as you progress from the Red floor (The Realm of Animals) up to the White Tower of Enlightenment.

If you're not careful you could fall down below the Realm of Animals into the Realm of Hungry Ghosts making your journey to enlightenment even greater.

Achievements and Credits
GGJ-2011 Achievements: 
Game for a Cause: The game is about a social or political issue that can be solved solely through increased awareness.
Team Image: 
Game Designers: Al Doyle, Lien Tran
Installation Notes: 

Visit www.atmosphir.com.
Sign up for an account and download web plugin for Unity.
Find our game at http://www.atmosphir.com/level/show?id=329183

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Submitted at NYU Game Center (United States)


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