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Human Era

Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Finally finished and renamed to "Human Era", this game enables the player to take control of a planet and giving him the mission to protect it. Various tribes are to be saved - quite hard, as they will try to annihilate each other. If a tribe is annihilated, the game ends. Be aware, that the game needs much hardware, so slow computers might not be able to run. Check out the other Games done at AMAZE!
Brief Play Description: 

The Tribes, displayed in different colors, move to the most habitable regions on the planet and may encounter other tribes. While this can result in a war between both tribes, ending in the vanquishing of one tribe if left unattended, nature itself can wipe individual tribes of the planet surface.
As the planets protector, it is your mission to make sure ALL components of the planet stay intact. If one tribe gets annihilated, the game is lost. That is why, with the help of various abbilities, one must influence the planet. If per example one tribe tries to dominate another for prosperous land, one must try to block the way or punish the aggressive tribe.

The larger the tribes grow, the harder it is to maintain peace and protect all tribes at the same time. Ending the game with larger tribes will give the player more points at the end of the game, representing the players skill.

Achievements and Credits
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Lars Kokemohr
Eric Trommler
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Submitted at AMAZE (Germany)


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