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The Endgame (Team BioDaad)

Game Information
Short Introduction: 
The world of games is coming to an end; the resolution of all game genres and their worlds is starting to fail and die! You and a lone hero must journey on a mission of discovery to find out the cause of the threat and save video games from extinction!
Brief Play Description: 

There is no real back story, because it’s the player’s story to start the game. You start by playing a normal game which turns into a fight for the preservation of all video games. With the character in the game breaking all game laws and helping the player in discovering the cause of the attempted extinction of all games.

Along the way the player and character must work together in order to fight off mysterious creatures known as the “Anomalies” and overcome difficult ordeals in order to advance into the rapidly deteriorating game worlds.

The character does not at first warm to the player as the character acts like the player is treating him like a slave but after helping the character through some tough instances he eventually warms to you.

Leaving the player in the dark about the key events in the game allows the player to make their own conclusions of why games are becoming extinct and how the character knows so much about the worlds and the existence of the player.

At the beginning of the game the player is playing a normal fantasy RPG. The enemies in this section of the game follow standard fantasy monsters such as goblins, trolls etc.

However, soon the game takes a turn for the worst and the game world begins to die. When this happens the enemies in the game are also mutated and they become Anomalies, strange creature’s hell bent on stopping you from finding the truth.

Also as the player progresses through levels the resolution will decease and so the enemies will become less clear so as to fit in with the game world around them and to show the way the worlds are being destroyed.

Battles in the game are turn based with the character having stats set by the player to use in battle to gain exp to get stronger abilities and therefore progress further in the game.

There will be 5 worlds; a starting world of greenery, ruins, Volcanic, a Dungeon setting and finally the world of Pong. In each world the player will encounter the Anomalies that change based on the current world. These enemies must be destroyed in order to progress to new worlds. The player can rush to reach the exit asap, however, if the player explores the area they may find additional enemies for extra EXP and rewards.

There are two bosses, a sub boss at the end of world 3 and the final boss in world 5. These will present the character and player with extra challenges which require more thinking that the normal Anomalies require.

Due to some absolutely brutal setbacks, nearly all story content was cut, and it is difficult to work out where the portals to next levels are (they are invisible and generally in the 'last room' of each area).

Achievements and Credits
GGJ-2011 Achievements: 
Breaking the 4th Wall: The game acknowledges itself as a game.
GGJ-2011 Achievements: 
Mandelbrot: The game features some pattern or aspect that fractally repeats itself at different scales.
Team Image: 
Dean Rutter
Bradley James -Producer -Lead Game designer -Lead Level designer Dean Rutter -Lead coder -U-Script lead David Smith -Co coder -Level Creation lead Andrew Ian Brewster -Co Game designer -Co Level designer Oliver Cooke -Lead modeller -Asset Modeller Andrew Walton-Whitelock -Assistant modeller -Asset modeller Iain Dawson -Music designer. -Level/Event/world music composer.
Installation Notes: 

Standard UDK Game installer, run .EXE.

Run the game, choose instant action. On the game mode screen (with options such as deathmatch) click just below the 3rd option to find the 'unlabeled' 4th game mode. Select this and then choose the 'EndGameMain' map. You'll end up in our first world. There are five worlds, and the last boss is that giant thing that looks a bit like Gluttony from FullMetalAlchemist.

Survival guide (Known bugs):
The first enemy is invisible, but we didn't have time to troubleshoot.
Quite a lot of times using the standard attack will seemingly lock up the menu. If you wait 30 seconds to a minute the menu should restore / the battle should end.
Spamming fire / cure is the key to winning due to lack of time to game balance. Plus attack is glitchy and defend is mostly pointless.
Attack was MEANT to be a sword, but instead we used a bitchslap.
There are FIVE levels, the next can be reached by walking up to whatever wall is at the end of the level. We ran out of time to add in the effects indicating the rifts / portals.

Due to the complete lack of narrative in this title which was MEANT to have a huge story, there is plenty of WTF to go around.
The left button after the final boss was meant to destroy the player, but all videogames.
The right button was meant to destroy all videogames.

We had to leave out a lot of voice-acted story lines, effects, meshes that we didn't have time to put in (making the portals visible for example).

The levels were supposed to deteriorate in quality, from:
1 - Current gen (PS3, 360, PC)
2 - Slightly older / less powerful hardware (PS2, WII)
3 - (N64, PS1)
4 - (SNES)

With more time and polish you might have seen this progression better.
We also had to drop a feature where the games resolution automatically adjusted and less screen space was shown with each level, to show the 'end of games'.

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