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Short Introduction: 
DON'T WIN ! is the story of a shoot'em up spaceship pilote who realizes he is a video game character... and that he will "die" if he finishes the game. So in order to exist for the longest time possible, he has to survive the enemy waves AND take care to not extinguish them and win.
Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Platform note: 
This game could be declined on any mobile devices.
Brief Play Description: 

Welcome, hero ! Are you ready to save the universe ?
Well tough, 'cause if you do so, the game will end and you'll cease to exist !

So fly your spaceship, avoid the projectiles and destroy the most enemies possible. But don't kill every last one of them, or you'll win and it will be game over, just the same. In fact, you can even make them spawn as often as you like, to make sure there is always enough of them and - if you think you can handle a lot of them at once - maximize your score !

And as the game goes on, they will shoot more and more, making it that much difficult for you to survive, and your *own* weapon will be more and more powerful... making it that much difficult to keep your foes alive !

But don't fool yourself, hero... You will die.
And if you don't die, you will win.
And if you don't win, the player will eventually get bored and stop playing.

In any case, you'll go back to the void.

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Achievements and Credits
GGJ-2011 Achievements: 
Breaking the 4th Wall: The game acknowledges itself as a game.
Team Image: 
maud ggj
Lucas Rousselot
Alexis "Norad" Moroz - Lead Game Design Maud Le Guennou - Game Design / 2D Graphism Lucas Rousselot - Game Design / Sound Design Arthur "Mysterarts" Prudent - Game Design / Development Fabien Cazenabe - Game Design / 2D Graphism
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Enrique J Gil

So that's what happens when you win...


Great job. But poor Major Tom!