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Short Introduction: 
The spacenoobs have conquered your slimy little asteroid. Go on and bubble and slime their sorry asses out of the place you called your sticky sweet home for so long. Feed on their fleshy, unslimy, yet extremely tasty bodies and show them who's boss! Make them extinct!
Mac OS X+
Linux / Unix
Brief Play Description: 

- Eat all humans!

- Slime is attracted by Mouse-Cursor, when Cursor is near
- Rightclick+Drag to scroll

- "S" Spawn slime
- "H" Spawn human
- "B" Spawn Explosion Barrel
- "X" Erase Tile
- "F8" Kill all humans!

- Coding: Robert Noll (ghoulsbladeatschattenkind [dot] net) http://schattenkind.net
- Animations and Particles: Thomas Wagner (twatreality-twist [dot] com) http://reality-twist.com
- Levels and AI: Markus Vill (moeatdiccuric [dot] org) http://diccuric.org
- GFX: Rich Winterstetter (mailatrichard-winterstetter [dot] com) http://richard-winterstetter.com
- SFX and music: Filippo Beck Peccoz (mailatfbpsound [dot] com) http://fbpsound.com

MADE WITH LÖVE! http://love2d.org/

License : code:MIT graphics+audio:cc-by-sa

Homepage: http://ghoulsblade.schattenkind.net/wiki/index.php/AlienSlime

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeXnIF1Emq0 YouTube vid01
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiS2ms0lzy0 YouTube vid02

Have fun!!

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love2d.org engine lua script
Installation Notes: 

for windows : use binary download

for mac and linux :
and start with the the _src download

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most fun to play apart from runawave


Among all the 10+ games I actually got to run on my pc, I liked AlienSlime best after our own, Runawave. AlienSlime is a cool Sandbox but lacks a bit of game play imho.
Pity by default games are listed depending on "views" rather than rating.


thanks =) yeah, runawave was

thanks =) yeah, runawave was also cool, both gameplay and graphics.

Already with the concept presentation after brainstorm at the beginning i thought "someone know's what he's doing here", easy to understand mechanic and enough conflict for fun play.
You could make a video for people who can't get it to run or won't bother trying,
i think there's far to few screenshots and vids being made for the gamejam things.

alienslime-gameplay: it's quite a tricky making it enough of a challenge but not too difficult.
I tend to prefer "too easy" for overnight-gamedev like gamejam to avoid people just giving it a quick try from getting frustrated. Maybe not as much new slime when eating a human, and some small jump-like move with mouse1 to reduce the obstacle-frustration, and more opportunities for the humans to run away, especially in circles.
We only added teleporters (the shower/lamp like thingies) rather late, so most of the levels don't use them yet.

The original idea was to use the acid-power of the slimes to collapse some scaffolds in order to block escape paths for humans, that fell a bit short in the end. Ah well, physics are fun nevertheless =D

rank-by-views : yeah, that sucks. But i doubt rating would be much better as all people would have to register to rate. Fairest is probably random order. Some tag-cloud or location-view would also be nice (1 page per country or so, scrollable left and right without defined start/end pos, but rather starting in your country.


you got a crystal ball?

somehow your post is outdated in several aspects ;)

#1 I've done a video of runawave yesterday. Embedding it here would be bold, wouldn't it?

#2 Also ggj have done something to their sorting. Now it somehow looks totally random. Now it's even harder to find the gems :(

About AlienSlime gameplay: My thoughts were to give more control in not limiting the attraction effect but on the other hand to give the slime a time to live. This would have several benefits:
#1 it gives you easier control over the slime
#2 panning could be done by the centre of the slime instead of the ugly right mouse button that gives you far too much knowledge of your surrounding and that is annoying to do. Instead of "centre of the slime" you could also do "in the middle between center of the slime and the mouse cursor but that most likely would need easing. Probably easing would not be a bad idea for the other approach, too when it comes to explosions.
#3 it would limit the slime to the slime produced within the last x seconds.

And yes, I agree, videos would be cool to have for all titles. Should definitely be a must-have for the submission next year. It was 15 minutes of work including the download of a recorder that does sound.


Awesome Game!


Awasome, awesome, awesome!