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Game Information
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Windows XP or Vista
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Windows 7
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Mac OS X
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Platform or System: 
other platform
Short Introduction: 
A puzzle game involving redirecting the flow of rain water in order to reveal hidden platforms necessary to reach the level exit. Live demo playable at http://waterworks.cjntaylor.com
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Installation Notes: 

no installation. to play, run:
> java -jar waterworks.jar

Or, just visit
http://waterworks.cjntaylor.com/ for a web-playable version.

Brief Play Description: 

WE COMPLETED OUR HACK + ALTERNATE INTERFACE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L06F7QkQ4T8

You are in WaterWorks. It's a strange place, filled with a fluid that loosely mimics the rules of Earth's water. Your job is to get these dropplets of water to a target. You do this by controlling the water's flow, and you can control the corporealness of platforms that water can flow over.

There's just one more catch! You can't see anything unless water has touched it. You have to play a puzzle before you can know what it holds.

The game starts off holding your hand but quickly becomes much more difficult demanding the user think critically to solve complicated puzzles. Many of these puzzles will lead the user down dead ends.

Additionally the game can be played through a midi-converter-like device that shows up as a USB keyboard listed as "RainMaster Pro." This enables the user to accompany the rain and win sounds with an musical electric keyboard that can be in charge of all game controls.

Overall, the game can take anywhere from 9:23 (fastest time so far) to around 20 minutes.

Accomplishments and credits
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Charles Lohr, Pre-Prototype Programmer, Assistant Game Designer Jon Moriarty, Game Designer Colin Taylor, Co-head Programmer Garrett Henderson-Tjarks, Co-head Programmer Thanks to: Brendan Maiser, Assistant Game Designer Will Murnane, QA Arthur Gould, QA Joel Bowers, QA
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The Hack
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