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Windows XP or Vista
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Windows 7
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RTS game in which you control a flock of creatures. Among the flock is a King who appears hidden among his flock. Your objective is to kill the King from the opposing flock. Be aware, you won't know which creature in the flock is the King. However, the rains surely fall upon the plains and when the flock gets wet the King will be revealed. Avoid the rain clouds, split your forces, and kill the enemy King! There can be only one King of the rainy plains of Spain.
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Please make sure to have XBox360 controllers available, also... Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 3.1 needs to be installed on your Windows system, you can get it from here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=53867a2a-e249-4...

Brief Play Description: 

The game starts with a single large flock of "Boids" for each player. One of those similar looking insectivores is the "King" (similar to Chess). All players view the same screen that gives a holistic view of the battle field. Players must deceive their opponents by "flashing" the crown (the mark of the king) above a random boid several times (by pressing right trigger)... then... they can secretly flash the crown above the real one true king in a deceptive ruse.

A common strategy is to start the game by splitting your main flock into two flocks (pressing X), then flashing a few decoy crowns, sneak a flash above the real king - to find out where he is... and then devise a clever plan - laying down way points (by moving a cursor with the left thumbstick and pressing A), selecting other flocks (with the right and left bumper buttons), taking the obstacles that are around into consideration (the boids will try to avoid obstacles, like giant rocks)... keep your king safe and head for the kill :)

The king can be moved directly (right thumbstick), otherwise he will join the flow of the nearest flock. Sneaking the king from flock to flock is simple - once you let go of the right thumbstick the king will join the nearest flock.

At any time, the player can stop the flock by clearing its way points (press B... actually you shouldn't yet because there is a rare bug that sometimes takes your entire flock into NaN land). Flocks can be merged by pressing Y (nearest flock to the currently selected one will merge).

After 45 seconds, if the game is not over yet... a cloud of rain above the plains of Spain will have no shame and drop some pain in the form of shame, revealing a king who dares getting wet in disdain - the crown will remain hovering above the king's head until he emerges victorious or die a miserable death by the crazy mechanical insects.

oh... the keyboard's X and Z can zoom the camera ;)

Accomplishments and credits
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Malis The Wise
BACK row left to right: Brandon Layton, Brian Reilly, Lou Hayt, Steve Emmerich MIDDLE: Thanet Gasorntip, Michael Heard, Travis Harper, Felix Martinez BOTTOM: Chris Roth, Rey Leon, Jesse Pascoe
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Singing the Body Electric
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Take Five Game
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Lo-text Game
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It was a mad rush to the end. The game we crafted in less than 30hrs still needs more love, but that will be an endeavor for the future. It was awesome to meet a bunch of great people, not all from Full Sail University. We had a Rockstar team and quite honestly we all lucked out to end up working with each other. Our game concept was a galvanizing idea which brought everyone under the same goal. We like RTS games and this one was a bit different than the ones out there. That is part of the spirit of this event I suppose, to try something new.

We were extremely ambitious, but we all put out amazing work. We worked well together and undoubtedly we'll finish this game in the near future. Thanks to everyone for putting this together and for the Global Game Jam.


Crunch time!

We got back in after 8am and its been a sprint to the finish so far. Still working, assets are coming in, tweaks to the game play and all that jazz.

Soon, it will be done soon...



Everyone, GO HOME! See you all at 8:00am. Wake up calls all around. Great work team!
We'll have to crunch for a few hours to get this game done, but it will be worth it!


Oh lordy XNA! Please play with Maya.

Issues with exporting .fbx from Maya. May this help our cause?

Still looking for the answers...


After Dinner Update

WOOOT!!! We have 3d characters ready to battle each other for Kingship. We are aiming for three factions of creatures which will be selectable. From our awesome artists come some sweet concept art turned 3d models. Today they were finished, unwrapped, rigged, animated, and soon to be textured. They've also been hard at work on creating 3d levels as well as world texturing.

Our rockstar programmers are hard at it making death rain, importing assets, creating the start of our animated menu screens, flocking boids, and implementing more game play. Even our animated models are putting on a show as we continue to integrate them into the game.

This game is coming together with the art work and extra features piling up.

FlocKing yeah!


Afternoon Update

Three different character types are nearly modeled, unwrapped, and soon to be textured. Our animated menu system is also being modeled in 3d and is starting to take shape. The artist team is doing a kick ass job.

Meanwhile the programmers are slapping XNA around like it owes us money. They are kicking it hard core and implementing our basic game play mechanics. For my part I am co-PM with Felix and assisting as much as I can.

To quote the great Scuba, "get back to work m0therf@ckers!"


Saturday - Engage

We have a great team! Everyone went home this morning at a decent hour and came back refreshed (mostly). We have a long day ahead, but the pieces are falling into place. Naturally we have two camps, progs and artists. However, communication between the two is excellent and we're all excited to put out a great game.

More later... engage!