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Dino Quixote

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Game Information
Platform or System: 
Windows XP or Vista
Platform or System: 
Windows 7
Short Introduction: 
Don the robot's mission, to collect DNA samples on an alien planet, has gone horribly wrong. After millions of years marooned, alone with hordes of killer lizards he has learned to mimic, he has started to forget that he isn't a lizard himself...
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Brief Play Description: 

The main character, Don-Q-0-T, is a robot sent from another planet to gather the DNA of the indigenous species (mostly dinosaur-like animals). By gathering this DNA, Don is able to impersonate these species, receiving abilities that help him to traverse the hostile alien terrain.

In the current version of the game, Don has three options:

  • Normal (robot) form. Medium-sized, medium-speed, and ignored by the wildlife unless he directly wanders into their path.
  • Velociraptor form, which is small, very fast, and able to leap chasms. T-Rex also likes to snack on Velociraptor, so Don can lure T-Rex out of hiding when disguised as Velociraptor.
  • T-Rex form, which is very large, very fast, and able to ford streams. Velociraptors are afraid of T-Rex, and flee when Don approaches in his guise as a T-Rex.

Most of the game-play consists of managing the available dinosaur population. In order to don a disguise, Don must kill a dino and harvest its DNA. This means that it is possible to get stuck because you unwisely dropped your disguise (by pressing spacebar) too early. Don is controlled by the arrow keys (for directional movement), spacebar (to drop the current disguise), and the R button (to reset the current level if you get stuck).

Finally, Don is a solar-powered robot ... so when he walks under a cloud, he is forced to drop his disguise. Not only does he have to dodge hungry T-Rexs and aggressive Velociraptors, but the melancholy of rain when one is far from home.

Note three uses of deception (or lack thereof) in game mechanics:
1) When you pretend to be a T-Rex, you can drive away large groups of Velociraptors.
2) When you pretend to be a Velociraptor, you can attract nearby T-Rexes.
3) When rained on, you lose your disguise/deception, often resulting in having to restart the level.

All of our sound effects (though they are not many) are human voices/noises processed in Audacity.

Accomplishments and credits
Team Image: 
Character design: Wesley Adams and Solomon Barcomb Character art: Wesley Adams and Solomon Barcomb Environment and prop art: James King Game code: Bo Brinkman Sound performance and editing: Solomon Barcomb and James King Level design: James King, Solomon Barcomb, and Bo Brinkman Special thanks: YoYo Games, for Game Maker 8.0
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Singing the Body Electric
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Over Achiever

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